Medical Humanities Minor Only


Medical Humanities is an interdisciplinary field that explores, from multiple perspectives, connections between humans, cultures, medicine and allied health sciences.  Medical Humanities complements the Health Sciences, and encompasses the Humanities, Social Sciences and the Arts.  It includes topics related to: health and illness; the interactions between health practices and conceptions of personhood, gender, and community; beliefs; practices, healing and ethics across cultures; the nature of suffering; and models of wellness.

The Minor in Medical Humanities provides students who are interested in careers in medicine, nursing, public health, psychology, social work, health education, and other allied health sciences, with courses that complement and support their studies.  The minor is intentionally flexible and interdisciplinary, reflecting both the needs of students and the nature of the discipline.  It includes options and opportunities such as distance education and service learning.  The Medical Humanities minor helps students to increase their understanding of the nature of illness, health, wellness, healing and medicine by exploring these topics in relation to:

  • Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Sex, Age
  • Ethical, Religious and Cross-cultural Perspectives
  • Narrative Medicine, Communication, Fine Arts

Other information

All coursework taken for the Medical Humanities minor must be completed with a grade of “C-“ or better.


Medical Humanities minor Director, Dr. Michele Desmarais