Medieval/Renaissance Studies Minor Only

The minor in Medieval/Renaissance Studies is designed to help students understand and appreciate the thirteen centuries belonging to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance through the disciplines of history, English and other European languages, art history, history of music, theatre, history of science, Middle Eastern studies, philosophy, and theology. Students explore the Medieval and Renaissance era and their crucial developments, from the invention of eye glasses to the printing by moveable type, from Gothic cathedrals to the discovery of America, from the birth of university to the development of all the modern European vernacular languages, from King Arthur and Robin Hood to Shakespeare's plays and Michelangelo's paintings and sculpture.


Minors Offered

Medieval/Renaissance Studies Minor


Other information

All coursework taken for the Medieval/Renaissance Studies minor must be completed with a grade of “C“ or better.



Medieval and Renaissance Studies Director, Dr. Martina Saltamacchia