Bachelor of Arts in Religion

A Bachelor of Arts in religion consists of a minimum of 30 credit hours in the field, of which at least 18 hours must be in upper division (3000-4000 level) courses.  

The B.A. degree requires completion of a foreign language through the intermediate level.

The department requires of all religion majors the following courses:

RELI 1010Introduction to World Religions

3 credits

RELI 2100 - 2189Select two courses about scriptural traditions

6 credits

RELI 3010Methods and Phenomena of Religious Studies

3 credits

RELI 4010Senior Seminar in Religion

3 credits

Remaining hours in religion shall be elected by students in accordance with their interests.  At least 18 hours of religion courses must be taken at the 3000 and 4000 levels.

Advanced Writing Course

All students are required to take an advanced writing course within their major.  For the Religion major, this is the “Senior Seminar in Religion” (RELI 4010) course.