Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Sociology

Students are required to complete 33 hours of coursework for the Sociology B.A. or B.S. degree: 21 hours of core required courses and 12 hours of additional sociology or anthropology courses.  The Sociology B.A./B.S. and its core required courses are available online. The department offers five optional concentrations that fulfill the 12 hours of additional coursework: anthropology, families and inequality, health and society, inequality and social justice, and work and organizations. Only the health and society concentration is available online.


Students in the B.A. degree program are required to complete foreign language through the intermediate level.


Students in the B.S. degree program are required to complete 15 hours of cognate coursework, a field of specialization outside of sociology based on their interests and/or career aspirations. Cognates are designed by the student in consultation with the undergraduate adviser.

Core Required Courses (21 hours):

SOC 1010Introductory Sociology

3 credits

ANTH 1050Introduction to Anthropology

3 credits

SOC 2120Sociological Theory

3 credits

SOC 2130Social Statistics

3 credits

With Lab

SOC 2134Social Statistics Lab

1 credit

SOC 3510Research Methods

3 credits


SOC 3514Research Methods Lab

1 credit

SOC 4900Senior Thesis

4 credits

Additional Courses (12 hours) 


One upper-level ANTH course (3)

Three upper-level SOC courses (9)

OR Concentration Courses (12 hours, see below):

Total credit hours: 33