Management Concentrations

Management concentrations include Management, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, and Supply Chain Management.  Managers combine human and material resources to accomplish organizational objectives.  Such results are achieved through the managerial processes of planning, leading, organizing and controlling.  Today’s competitive, global business environment presents many challenges to managers including managing change and innovation, managing diversity, developing a global perspective, becoming an effective leader, and improving organizational performance by focusing on quality and continuous improvement.  The management concentrations are designed to prepare students to effectively face these challenges in an environment of risk, uncertainty, and ambiguity.  All Management concentrations require a minimum of eighteen (18) credit hours.  Students must complete MGMT 3490 with a C+ or above in order to take additional management courses to complete the Management concentration, the Human Resource Management concentration, the Entrepreneurship concentration, the Supply Chain Management concentration, or the secondary concentration in Management.  Students must complete MKT 3310 with a C+ or above in order to complete the Supply Chain Management concentration.  A student may choose more than one concentration with a resulting increase in the number of required courses.1

1Note: Students completing more than one Management concentration cannot apply more than six common credits to each Management concentration.