The BSBA as a Second Bachelor’s Degree


A student who has already earned a bachelor’s degree (other than a business degree) may earn the BSBA by completing the following requirements:

The student must complete a minimum of 30 hours in residence in the College of Business Administration. Typically 61-66 hours are required for students who have no business courses completed.

The student must complete the following course requirements:

•    MATH 1370 or Math 1930

•    pre-business core courses ECON 2200 and 2220, ACCT 2010 & 2020, BSAD 2130 and the BSBA core curriculum;

•    concentration requirements.

Courses taken as part of the first bachelor’s degree will be evaluated regarding satisfaction of these requirements.

•    Students who have previously earned a business degree cannot earn a second business degree.  These individuals may complete a second concentration in business by completing all of the requirements listed under their new concentration as well as all necessary prerequisites for those courses. 


Degrees Offered – Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Concentrations Offered: Accounting

Secondary Concentration Offered: Accounting


UNO Accounting Department at 402-554-3650 or