Department of Theatre

Theatre coursework is designed to provide students well-rounded experiences from box office to publicity, house management to dramaturgy, design to performance, and much more. Above all, we’re committed to each student’s individual development toward artistic and cultural maturity. Through in-class and production work, students gain valuable life skills including discipline, collaboration, communication, research, planning, achieving deadlines and problem solving.

The unit's mission is to ignite in the student, teacher and community: critical thinking, compassionate feeling, collaborative vision and the capacity to delight.

Degrees offered

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

Minors offered

General theatre, acting, directing, design/theatre technology or scholarship.

Other information

The general areas in theatre are acting, directing, design, dramatic literature, history of the theatre and theatre technologies including stagecraft, stage lighting, scene design, costume and makeup. Beyond the general theatre core, students are encouraged to pursue an interest in a specialized area such as acting/directing, design/theatre technology, or theatre scholarship.

Theatre majors are required to participate actively and consistently in productions sponsored by the department. The department stages a minimum of four major productions per academic year. These productions encompass the representative periods of theatre history, including musical theatre. A variety of production opportunities are also offered in the Directing Lab and Student Showcase.

Contact Information

Contact the Department of Theatre at (402) 554-2406