Certificate in Information Technology Administration

The undergraduate certificate in Information Technology (IT) Administration is designed for students who are interested in managing the complex technical infrastructure of today’s organizations; the certificate is offered in partnership with the University of Agder in Norway (UiA), a sister university to UNO. The certificate consists of 14 credit hours of hands-on courses, covering such areas as systems administration, network administration, database administration, security administration, and distributed systems. All courses will be offered online. Students will take courses taught by both UNO and UiA instructors and will have the opportunity to work with students residing in a country other than their own.

Prerequisite Courses

•    1 semester of database management (ISQA 3310 or IS-201)

•    1 semester of data or file structures (CSCI 3320/ISQA 3300 or IS-102)

•    1 semester of data communications (ISQA 3400 or IS-105)

•    2 semesters of programming

Core Courses (14 hours)

IS-204 (UiA)IT Resource Operations

5 credits

ISQA 4300/ISQA 8306Database Administration

3 credits

ISQA 4380Distributed Technologies and Systems

3 credits

And either

IASC 3350Security Administration - Linux

3 credits


IASC 3370Security Administration - Windows

3 credits

NOTE: Provided the total number of credits is 14 hours or greater, the following substitutions will be accepted:

IS-203 (UiA) Advanced Database Systems (5 hours) can substitute for ISQA 4300;

IS-209 (UiA) Systems Administration with Free Software (2 hours) can substitute for IASC 3350