Certificate in Systems Development (15 hours)

Systems Development practitioners seek to optimize the design, implementation, and use of information systems for organizational purposes.

Prerequisite Courses

•    Introduction to Statistics (CIST 2500 or equivalent)

•    2 semesters of programming or equivalent work experience

•    Introduction to Management Information Systems (CIST 2100, BSAD 3100 or test-out for CIST 2100)

Core Courses (12 hours)

ISQA 3310Managing the Database Environment

3 credits

ISQA 3910Introduction to Project Management

3 credits

ISQA 4110Information Systems Analysis

3 credits

ISQA 4120System Design and Implementation

3 credits

Elective Course (3 hours)

ISQA 3300File Structures for Information Systems

3 credits

ISQA 4100/ISQA 8106Information Systems Architecture and Organization

3 credits