Minor in Criminology and Criminal Justice

Courses required for minor

The requirements to earn a minor in criminology and criminal justice will consist of a minimum of 18 credit hours to include CRCJ 1010 - Survey of Criminal Justice (3 credit hours), a minimum of two of the three CRCJ 2030 – Police and Society, CRCJ 2110 - The Criminal Court System, CRCJ 2210 - Survey of Corrections (6 credit hours), and a minimum of nine (9) credit hours of upper level (3000/4000) criminology and criminal justice courses (excluding CRCJ 3000). An overall “C” average in courses applied to the minor is required and all courses applied to the minor must be taken for letter grade (not CR/NC). In addition, all nine credit hours of upper division course work must be taken in residence at the University of Nebraska.