Graduation & Commencement

As students prepare to graduate from UNO, there are several things they should know. Please check with the Office of Graduate Studies for specific deadlines, and review the following information and checklist. Please be aware of all relevant deadlines.

UNO students have the opportunity to graduate in May, August, or December, and the choice of participating in one of two commencement ceremonies held annually in May and December. Students graduating in May are eligible to participate in the May commencement ceremony, while students graduating in August and December are eligible to participate in the December commencement ceremony. Participation in a commencement ceremony is not required in order to graduate from any degree program or receive a diploma.

Deadlines to apply for graduation are included in the academic calendar.

  • Students must complete an Application for Degree during the semester in which they plan to graduate. Log onto mavlink and fill out the application on or before the deadline.
  • There is a $35.00 Application for Degree Fee, payable at the time the application is submitted.
  • After applying for the degree, students should visit the UNO Bookstore as soon as possible to order their caps and gowns and graduation announcements (if planning to participate in commencement). Deadlines to order various items will differ depending on the ceremony in which a student plans to participate. Please contact the Bookstore at (402) 554-2336 with any questions.
  • Students have 15 working days after the commencement ceremony, (or 15 working days after the final day of the summer semester, in the case of August graduation) to complete all degree requirements in which they are currently enrolled for that semester. Diplomas will be mailed as soon as possible after the 15 working days have passed. Please be sure all holds are cleared and that the address listed on the degree application is correct, as this is the address to which diplomas are mailed.
  • Please contact the Registrar's Office, (402) 554-2314, with any additional questions.

Checklist for Graduation

Apply for the degree through MavLINK on or before the deadline. Information can be found at


Fall 2016

Spring 2017 

Summer 2017

Last day for filing an application for degree to be conferred

October 21

March 10

July 7

Last day to submit comprehensive examination results, all Incomplete (I) and In progress (IP) grades from previous terms, and final copies of thesis, thesis-equivalent projects, Eds field projects and dissertations

December 1

April 20

August 11

  • If you apply for graduation and will not complete all of the requirements for the degree, please notify the Office of Graduate Studies. You must REAPPLY to graduate in a future term; no additional fee is charged.
  • Order a cap, gown, and hood from the UNO Bookstore. Contact the Bookstore at (402) 554-2336 for deadlines.
  • The following requirements must be in the Office of Graduate Studies 12 working days prior to commencement:
    • Comprehensive Examination Results. (Contact individual Departments/Schools for procedures to take the exams).
    • All Incomplete (I) and In Progress (IP) grades from previous terms must be completed and the grades submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies.
    • Submit thesis, thesis-equivalent project, EdS field project or dissertation.
    • Your graduation file must be in complete order with the exception of grades for current enrollments. Final responsibility rests with you, the graduate student, to check with your advisor and the Office of Graduate Studies to be sure all requirements are met.NOTE: If the above items are not completed by this date, students will NOT be allowed to participate in the commencement ceremony.
  • Pay all fees and fines and satisfy all obligations to the University.
  • If you are currently enrolled in courses which are a part of your plan of study, you must maintain enrollment to be eligible for graduation. A grade for any current enrollment must be received by the Registrar's Office no later than the close of business on the 15th day following the date of commencement.