Air Force ROTC - Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)

Aerospace Studies

The department of Aerospace Studies offers a 1 credit hour survey course and student leadership lab (AERO 1010 and AERO 1310) for students interested in the US Air Force.  Participation in the survey course in no way obligates, the student, to the USAF, but it can be used as a stepping stone towards a job as an officer in the USAF upon graduation.  Any BS/BA degree program is eligible.  In-college scholarships and study abroad ( opportunities are available.  If you are interested, enroll in AERO 1010 and AERO 1310 and contact the Professor of Aerospace Studies at (402) 554-2318 or Email: for more information.

What is Air Force ROTCT? The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), gives students the opportunity to become commissioned officers in the US Air Force, as they pursue their degree


What we do?  We combine a college education with a leadership training and a physical fitness regimen.


EXAMPLE FOUR-YEAR PROGRAM COURSE OVERVIEW (call to discuss other program options)

AERO 1010 - LEADERSHIP LAB (0 Credit Hours -- All Four Years) Air Force ROTC is fundamentally a leadership program.  You will not only develop your knowledge and skills as a leader in the classroom, you will also apply them for two hours per week in the Leadership Laboratory, as well as develop your physical fitness and that of others.

First Year — (no service obligation) This survey course focuses on the structure and missions of Air Force organizations, officership and professionalism. It covers an overview of Air Force and defense topics, introduces communication skills training. Cadet will get to meet Active Duty Officers from Offutt Air Force Base and discuss what they do.

Fall—Aerospace Studies 1310 (1 Credit Hour) Foundations of the USAF

Spring—Aerospace Studies 1320 (1 Credit Hour) Foundations of the USAF II

Second Year—(service obligation if on scholarship) This survey course covers the beginnings of manned flight and the development of aerospace power in the United States, including the employment of air power in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf War. It also covers the peaceful employment of U.S. air power in civic actions, space exploration support, scientific missions, and cyber operations.

            Fall—Aerospace Studies 2310 (1 Credit Hour) THE EVOLUTION OF AEROSPACE STUDIES

Spring—Aerospace Studies 2320 (1 Credit Hour) THE EVOLUTION OF AEROSPACE STUDIES II

Field TrainingTypically during the summer after your second year, you will participate in field training.  This rigorous program involves physical conditioning, weapons training and survival training. Field training offers you the opportunity to develop your skills as both a leader and team member.  Field training activities include:  Physical conditioning, Marksmanship training, Survival training, Air Force specialty orientation, Confidence course, Aircraft and crew orientation, Human relations, Drill and ceremonies, Leadership study, and Group and expeditionary leadership activities

Third Year — (must sign service contract) These course study the anatomy and importance of quality leadership and management, the role of discipline in leadership situations and the variables that affect leadership. Case studies are used to examine Air Force leadership and management situations as a means of demonstrating and exercising practical application of the concepts. Students will deal with actual problems and complete projects associated with planning and managing the Leadership Laboratory.

Fall—Aerospace Studies 3110 (3 Credit Hours) LEADERSHIP STUDIES

Spring—Aerospace Studies 3120 (3 Credit Hours) LEADERSHIP STUDIES

Fourth Year—(service obligation) These courses are designed to help prepare cadets for their first active duty assignment as an Officer in the Air Force. In this course, cadets learn about the role of a professional military leader in a democratic society and societal attitudes toward the armed forces. They also learn the requisites for maintaining adequate national defense structure, the impact of technological and international developments on strategic preparedness, military law and the overall policy-making process.



Graduate and commission as an Active Duty Second Lieutenant in the USAF!


Program Benefits:

  • Stay fit!
  • Competitive full-ride scholarships (cover tuition, fees, and provide a monthly stipend)
  • All third and fourth year cadets receive a monthly tax free allowance between $400 - $500
  • Free military training
  • Community Service
  • Social Events
  • Friendships to last a lifetime!

For more information go to, or contact us at 402-554-2318 Email:


Air Force ROTC is more than a career choice; it’s a unique life experience!