University Honors Program

The mission of the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s University Honors Program is to create an enhanced and supportive learning environment responsive to the educational needs of highly able and/or exceptionally motivated undergraduate students. This will be accomplished through participation in interdisciplinary Honors colloquia (special seminars), collaborative projects with faculty noted for excellence, small Honors-only sections of regular courses and through increased opportunity for undergraduate research and creative activity. The University Honors Program’s director is responsible to the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs through the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. The director works closely with the faculty and student University Honors Committee to establish and review policies and procedures for the University Honors Program.

Consistent with University Honors policies, the University Honors Program shall distribute information about Honors requirements, benefits, awards and special opportunities to prospective students and other interested persons; admit students to the University Honors Program, maintain students’ records, and note students’ completion of requirements to the Registrar; provide Honors advising; work with relevant programs to increase University Honors Program participation of students of color; promote Honors students’ involvement in undergraduate research/creative activity that will culminate in a senior thesis, capstone or project; facilitate communication in the community at large and within the UNO community among students, faculty, staff and administration regarding Honors matters; equip and maintain the Honors Program Offices and student space; and participate fully in the activities of the National Collegiate Honors Council and its affiliates.

The University Honors Program is University wide, and each college has its own Honors Program coordinator/advisor. Colleges on the UNO campus participating in the University Honors Program are Arts and Sciences; Business Administration; Education; Engineering; Communication, Fine Arts and Media; Information Science and Technology; and Public Affairs and Community Service. Students in the University Division may also participate in the University Honors Program.

Students are admitted to the University Honors Program as entering first year students by holistic review of ACT or SAT scores, high school GPA and class rank, as well as an essay and letter of support.

Students already enrolled at UNO are admitted to the University Honors Program after considering their UNO performance and GPA as well as a recommendation from a UNO faculty member.

Transfer students from other universities’ Honors Programs will be eligible if they were members in good standing in their previous programs and complete the UNO Honors Program entrance and transfer requirements. Students who transfer to UNO with at least 50 credit hours may be admitted to the University Honors Program with a cumulative or transfer GPA of 3.5 and with a letter of support from a faculty member.

Program Options

Students in the University Honors Program complete the requirements listed below. The GPA needed for graduation with University Honors Program completion is 3.5 or higher and all students must complete at least 24 credits of Honors work.

All students must complete two Honors colloquia courses (HONR 3000).

All students must complete one Honors-only section of a course (different options are available each semester).

All students must complete a thesis/capstone/practicum course (differs by program of study) and present at the University Honors Symposium (usually in the semester in which they graduate).

All students must complete an Honors portfolio documenting their undergraduate research experience, community engagement, and campus citizenship by the end of the fourth week of the semester in which they plan to graduate.

Students should not undertake more than ten credit hours of Honors work in any one semester.

Participants who complete a minimum of 24 credit hours in University Honors Program work with a 3.5 GPA or higher will have the notation “University Honors Program” printed on their diplomas, on the official transcript of credits and in the graduation program.

Students may also participate in the National Collegiate Honors Council National Honors Semesters. Honors credit is limited to members of the Honors Program.

Transfer students must complete 15 honors credit hours in University Honors Program work, including 6 hours of Honors colloquia and 3-6 hours of senior thesis/capstone/practicum.


For more information…

University Honors Program Office

Kayser Hall, Room 208


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