The appropriate required documentation as identified under each residence category must be provided with the completed Application for Residence Classification for Tuition Purposes. Original documents will not be accepted; please furnish only legible photocopies. Submitting appropriate documents in an organized and chronological order will aid in the decision-making process. The University reserves the right to request the student provide additional documentation in support of an Application for Residency.

Documentation 1 (Proof of Home):  To be completed by applicants in category A, B, C, D, E, H, I, K or L. Some categories indicate required proof of an established home in Nebraska for at least 12 months since the most recent Nebraska residency start date. A combination of the following documentation may be accepted.

  • Current lease agreements (covering the entire 12 months)
  • Canceled checks or proof of payment for rent
  • Documentation showing residence in a home owned in Nebraska
  • Notarized Landord Verification Form or other notarized documentation approved by UNO’s residence officer

Documentation 2 (Supporting Documents): To be completed by applicants in category A, B, C, D, E, H, I, K, or L.  When applying as a dependent, documentation might be required in the parent, guardian or spouse’s name instead of applicant as indicated.  At least three of the following support documents must be obtained and kept current:

  • Nebraska driver’s license
  • Nebraska voter’s registration (voter’s registration card or certificate)
  • Checking or Savings bank account (voided personal check or bank statement)
  • Nebraska vehicle registration (pink slip, NOT title)
  • Employment showing Nebraska state income tax withheld (most recent pay stub showing name and Nebraska employer)
  • Nebraska state income tax return for the most current year (or W-2 form with latest paycheck showing state income tax withheld.)
  • The University Residency Office may require additional documentation for residency consideration.

 Additional documentation might be required for categories waiving the 12 month domicile rule or other special circumstances.

Affidavit of Intent

Individuals requesting resident tuition status shall be required to complete a notarized affidavit outlining the reasons under which they believe they qualify and attesting to the accuracy of their statements. Completion of a falsified affidavit shall subject the individual to possible University disciplinary action.


Proof of Dependent and/or Spouse Status

If an individual is trying to qualify for residency status based upon dependent or spouse status (sections B, C, D, F, G, K or M), documentation proving this status must be provided. Dependents of a parent/guardian must provide a signed copy of the parent’s/guardian’s most recent federal income tax return as proof the applicant is a dependent (qualifying child). If applying based upon spouse’s status, a copy of the marriage certificate must be provided. Dependents or spouses of active duty military should provide a copy of the military orders of the spouse, parent or guardian verifying dependent status.