Holocaust and Genocide Studies (MINOR ONLY)


The mission of the Holocaust and Genocide Studies Faculty is to promote and facilitate the scholarly study of the Holocaust and other historical genocides throughout history.  One of its chief mandates is to provide an interdisciplinary approach in which the topic of HGS is covered in a variety of departments/programs and from a variety of perspectives.  The HGS minor is intended to both create a student who is more aware of the importance of genocide in both past and present and to prepare them for potential careers in fields related to the HGS. The following are key objectives of the minor:

  • Learn the history of genocide from a global and comparative perspective
  • Learn the history of genocide in an interdisciplinary context
  • Master core competencies in other disciplines and majors with the Holocaust and Genocide as the subject matter
  • Recognize the current relevance of the study of the Holocaust and genocide
  • Gain a working knowledge of methods of prevention, intervention, and justice for instances of genocide throughout history
  • Develop “moral muscles” that enable students to recognize and react to injustices occurring at home and abroad
  • Prepare students for a variety of careers in both public and private sector that focus on the recognition, prevention, intervention, amelioration, and prosecution of genocide and mass atrocity.

Other information

All coursework taken for the Holocaust and Genocide Studies minor must be completed with a grade of "C-" or better.


Holocaust and Genocide Studies Director, Lana Obradovic, Ph.D.
Arts and Sciences Hall 275 G