Minor in LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies

Undergraduate students will be expected to complete at least 15 credit hours of LGBTQ/Sexuality courses with a grade of C or higher. Nine credit hours must be upper division (3000 or higher) courses. No more than nine credit hours will be accepted as transfer credit.


Courses not on the list can be petitioned to be accepted by approval of the Advisor of the minor.


WGST 2010Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies: Social and Behavioral Science

3 credits


WGST 2020Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies: the Humanities

3 credits

SOC 3700Introduction to LGBTQ Studies

3 credits

WGST 3080/HED 3080Health Concepts of Sexual Development

3 credits



Choose 2 courses from the following:

Art History

ART 4930/ART 8936Special Topics in Art History

3 credits

ART 4930 when offered as: Gender and Sexuality in Antiquity; Fashion in Modern Art & Culture


ENGL 3000/WGST 3000Special Topics in English

1 - 3 credits

ENGL 3300Junior Topics in American Literature

3 credits

ENGL 4960/WGST 4960Topics in Language and Literature

3 credits

ENGL 3000 when offered as: Rhetoric in Film: Queer Film

ENGL 3300 when offered as: American Queer West

ENGL 4960 when offered as: Language, Gender, and Sexuality; Writing Women's Lives; Writing Graphic Memoirs

Health Education

HED 4700/SOC 4700/SOC 8706/HED 8706Women's Health and Issues of Diversity

3 credits

Political Science

PSCI 3100/WGST 3100/WGST 8105/PSCI 8105LGBT Politics

3 credits

PSCI 3130/WGST 8135/WGST 3130/PSCI 8135Women and Politics

3 credits


PSYC 3540Adolescent Psychology

3 credits

PSYC 4320/PSYC 8326/BIOL 4320/BIOL 8326Hormones & Behavior

3 credits

Select sections of Psyc 3540, per approval of the minor advisor.


RELI 4040/WGST 4040Religion and Homosexuality

3 credits


SOC 3300Sociology of Gender

3 credits

SOC 4310/SOC 8316Sociology of Sexualities

3 credits

Please be advised that students who elect to complete both the WGS minor and LGBTQ-Sexuality Studies minor may count no more than two upper-division courses toward the completion of both minors.