The Senior Project

Students have a number of options for completing the Senior Project. They must discuss these options and preferred choice with the OLLAS director/academic advisor. Next, students must send a one-page description of the proposed project to the OLLAS Director. The OLLAS Director, in consultation with the student, will arrange for a committee of one to two Faculty to oversee the student’s Senior Project. Once all the details have become sufficiently clear, students are required to sign a contract with their committee describing the plan to complete the project and the agreed upon method for evaluating the final product(s). In addition, all students, regardless of the option they choose, must make a presentation during the end-of-the year OLLAS graduation celebration.  Presentations are most commonly made in the form of posters, but other formats could be considered as appropriate.

The senior project for LLS must be fulfilled through one of the following options:

1) Internships may be completed with OLLAS staff (Director, Research Associate) or faculty engaged in a specific research/creative activity/community engagement project. The internship can also be completed with an outside agency pending approval of the project committee. In the latter case, the contract must be drafted in consultation with the agency supervisor who will report on the student’s activities and performance to the committee. If this first option also fulfills the College of Arts and Sciences’ third writing course requirement, the project committee will identify appropriate writing assignments.

2) A critical literature review essay on a subject related to the major and of interest to the student. The review will be supervised by the student’s senior project committee.

3) A senior project offered by the student’s second major or by the primary major if not LLS. The proposed topic must still be approved by the OLLAS director/academic advisor and a copy of the final products must be submitted to the OLLAS Director and shared with the OLLAS faculty and students at a designated time prior to graduation.