Computational Mathematics Concentration

This concentration is recommended for students interested in Computational Science, particularly those students who are interested in pursuing graduate study in Applied and Computational Mathematics at the graduate level.

A Concentration in Computational Mathematics may be useful in a wide range of areas including Science, Engineering, Government, Health Care, Business, and Information Technology. The specialization in Computational Mathematics is designed for students with a strong interest in Mathematics and in mathematical applications to areas of Science and Engineering. By choosing elective courses carefully, students completing this specialization will be prepared for a career in a variety of Computing and/or Engineering areas. Students will also be prepared to continue on to a graduate program in Applied Mathematics.

Computational Mathematics involves the use of math and computers to solve problems and predict outcomes. The concentration in Computational Mathematics is intended for any student who is interested in applications to solving practical and physical problems in Engineering, Science, and Business.  This concentration is also recommended for students who wish to work in the research and development area of industry. The concentration is especially intended for students seeking a career as Quantitative Analysts, Computational Scientists, and Applied Mathematicians, and for those thinking of continuing the study of Applied and Computational Mathematics at the graduate level.

The 15 credits of upper-level courses must include:

MATH 3300/CSCI 8305/MATH 8305/CSCI 3300Numerical Methods

3 credits

MATH 4330/MATH 8336Introduction to Partial Differential Equations

3 credits

MATH 4900Independent Studies

1 - 3 credits

(Independent Study must be related to Computational Mathematics, developed and supervised by the advisor.)

Along with 6 credits of electives from the following:
MATH 4050/MATH 8056Linear Algebra

3 credits

MATH 4230/MATH 8236Mathematical Analysis I

3 credits

MATH 4240/MATH 8246Mathematical Analysis II

3 credits

MATH 4350/MATH 8356Ordinary Differential Equations

3 credits

MATH 4400/MATH 8406Finite Element Methods for Solving Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations

3 credits

B.S. Degree Additional Requirement

Cognate Area: 18 hours of courses outside the Math Department to be planned with the advisor and subject to approval by the Math Department Curriculum Committee.


B.A. Degree Additional Requirement

Foreign language through the intermediate level.