Bachelor of Science in Education - Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program

This program is designed for candidates preparing for careers serving individuals who are deaf/hard of hearing.  This program is part of the educator preparation program.  Candidates must complete a dual endorsement program with the deaf/hard of hearing and a major in elementary or secondary education.  The preparation meets the standards of the Council for Exceptional Children/Council of the Deaf (CEC/CED) for teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing.

Required courses for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Endorsement:
SPED 1110American Sign Language I

3 credits

SPED 1114American Sign Language I Lab

1 credit

SPED 1120American Sign Language II

3 credits

SPED 1124American Sign Language II Lab

1 credit

SPED 2110American Sign Language III

3 credits

SPED 2114American Sign Language III Lab

1 credit

SPED 1500Introduction to Special Education

3 credits

SPED 2120American Sign Language IV

3 credits

SPED 2124American Sign Language IV Lab

1 credit

SPED 2200History, Psychology and Sociology of Deafness

3 credits

SPED 3110American Sign Language V

3 credits

SPED 3114American Sign Language V Lab

1 credit

SPED 4150Reading and Writing Instruction for Students with Disabilities

3 credits

SPED 4240Teaching/Interpreting Language to Deaf/Hard of Hearing

5 credits

SPED 4330Aural Rehabilitation

3 credits

SPED 4350Teaching Content Subjects to Deaf/Hard of Hearing

4 credits

SPED 4370Basic Audiology

3 credits

SPED 4650/COUN 8656/SPED 8656Transition Planning

3 credits

SPED 4710/SPED 8716Interactions and Collaboration

3 credits

SPED 4720Clinical Practice in Special Education

12 credits


SPED 4700Clinical Practice in Special Education

6 credits

SPED 4810/SPED 8816Behavior Interventions and Supports

3 credits

**SPED 4720 Competency in sign language is required for clinical practice.

**SPED 4650 For 7-12 only

Additional Information

Praxis II Content Test:

Effective fall 2015 semester, all educator preparation candidates are required to receive a passing score on the Praxis II content test in each endorsement area of their preparation prior to being awarded initial teacher certification through the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE). This link ( will take you to the ETS website page for the Nebraska Department of Education requirements.  The page lists the Nebraska requirements for each endorsement area. 

Student Organizations:

Allies for Sign Language is an organization that unites members and the community for the purpose of fellowship and friendship and to promote academic achievement.  Allies for Sign Language acts as a resource to attract and retain deaf and hard of hearing students; provide a basis for cultural exchange among the deaf students and the hearing students and to further the understanding of deaf culture throughout the world. Several academic, volunteer and social activities related to the current trends and issues in deaf education and interpreting are organized each semester for UNO students and members of the signing community.  For more information, contact Dr. Julie Delkamiller or Mr. Jonathan Scherling,


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