Engineering Leadership Minor

Overview and Purpose

The engineering leadership minor provides students an opportunity to focus on building leadership, management, and interpersonal skills needed to solve many of our societal challenges. Students complete a series of leadership, project management and interpersonal skills courses using experiential learning strategies and combine subject area knowledge gained in courses from their majors with strategies and skills to effectively lead in the engineering profession.

Courses included in the minor are leadership courses developed for the minor and focus on leadership, management and interpersonal skill needs of engineering students as well as courses lead by the faculty in the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication.

This minor is intended to serve students in the College of Engineering. The minor contributes to the National Academy of Engineers call to expose engineering students to formal studies of leadership development (NAE, 2004) and the College of Engineering's mission to graduate the "Complete Engineer."


Open to student in the College of Engineering only.

Minor Requirements

The engineering leadership minor is an interdisciplinary program; providing course offerings through the College of Engineering (COE) and the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication (ALEC) at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. To successfully complete the minor, students are required to complete 18 credit hours in leadership and professional development; 9 of which come from engineering leadership and management courses.  Many of the ALEC courses are available as online courses.  All ALEC courses are taught at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.


ENGR Leadership & Management Courses (9 credit hours required)

ENGR 1000 Interpersonal Skills for Engineering Leaders (ACE 2) – 3 cr hrs

ENGR 2000 Professionalism & Global Perspective (ACE 6 & 9) – 3 cr hrs

ENGR 3200 Leadership, Management & Ethics (ACE 6 & 8) – 3 cr hrs

Leadership Courses  (9 credit hours required)

Select one or two theory-based courses from the following: (3-6 cr hrs)

ALEC 202 Foundations of Leadership Theory & Practice (3 cr)

ALEC 302 Dynamics of Effective Leadership in Organizations (3 cr)

*ALEC 433 Dynamics of Effective Leadership in Groups & Teams (3 cr)

ALEC 477 Leadership & Motivation (3 cr)

Select one or two application courses from the following: (3-6 cr hrs)

ALEC 407 Supervisory Leadership (3 cr)

*ALEC 410 Environmental Leadership (3 cr)

*ALEC 422 Facilitation & Project Planning (3 cr)

*ALEC 466 Leadership & Diversity in Organizations & Communities (3 cr)

Experiential Learning in Leadership: (0-3 cr hrs)

Select zero to one course from the following:

**ALEC 337 Instructional Internship in Leadership Development (3 cr)

Total  18 cr hrs

* Note that junior standing is required for these courses.

** Credit received for being an undergraduate teaching assistant at the selection of the instructor.

Additional Minor Requirements

All courses must be completed with a Pass, or grade of C or higher.

Up to 6 credit hours may be taken as Pass/No Pass.