Robotics Engineering


Chair and Advisor: Benjamin Terry (MME)

Faculty: Detweiler (CSE), Elbaum (CSE), Farritor (MME), Gilmore (ECE), Nelson (MME), Qiao (ECE)

The robotics engineering minor is jointly administered by the Departments of:

  • Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)
  • Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
  • Mechanical and Materials Engineering (MME)

Requirements for Minor Offered by Department

This minor is available to all majors. Consult with your advisor before declaring this minor.

The robotics engineering minor consists of three core courses and three elective courses. When selecting electives, the student must take two courses outside of their major area of study. For example, a student in mechanical engineering might take an elective from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and one from the Department of Electrical Engineering. 

Core Requirements: One course from each of the three following topic areas.

Topic Area: Core Programming

CSCE 155 Computer Science I (any version: A/E/H/N/T)

CSCE 156 Computer Science II

CIST 1400 (UNO course)

Topic Area: Controls

MECH 350 Introduction to Dynamics & Control of Engineering Systems

ELEC 444 Linear Control Systems

ELEC 220 Introduction to Embedded Systems

CEEN 491 Special Topics in Computer & Electronics Engineering IV

Topic Area: Embedded Systems

CEEN 106 Microprocessor Applications

CSCE 236 Embedded Systems

MECH 457 Mechatronic Systems Design

Elective Requirements: Three courses from the following list of electives are required; two must be outside your department.

ELEC 400 Electronic Instrumentation

ELEC 428 Power Electronics

ELEC 444 Linear Control Systems

ELEC 460 Labview Programming

ELEC 462 Communication Systems

ELEC 498 Special Topics in Electrical Engineering IV

CSCE 436 Advanced Embedded Systems

CSCE 439 Robotics: Algorithms & Applications

CSCE 473 Computer Vision

CSCE 476 (*) Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

CSCE 4XX (special topics courses on Robotics)

CEEN 345 Mobile Robotics I

CEEN 433 Microprocessor System Design

CEEN 435 Embedded Microcontroller Design

MECH 342 Kinematics & Dynamics of Machinery

MECH 450 Mechanical Engineering Control Systems Design

MECH 442 Intermediate Kinematics

MECH 444 Intermediate Dynamics of Machinery

MECH 449 Advanced Dynamics

MECH 453 Robotics: Kinematics & Design

MECH 458 Digital Control of Mechanical Systems

MECH 488 Kinematics & Machine Design Laboratory

(*) on the Omaha campus, similar courses being offered by CIST could be substitutions