Admission Requirements

All undergraduate Gerontology programs require a 2.50 GPA to be admitted.  Students should consult with the academic advisors on the best program to fit their needs.   To set up an appointment, students should contact the department directly. 

Maximum/Minimum Credits -

  B.S. in Gerontology – 120 credits

Certificate in Gerontology – 18 credits (15 credits of coursework, 3 credits of practicum)

Minor in Gerontology – 18 credits 

Residency Requirement –
.S. in Gerontology:
30 out of the last 36 credit hours must be taken at UNO or UNL.
21 hours of Gerontology Core and Gerontology Electives must be taken at UNO or UNL.


Transfer Credit Policy

All Programs:

    Transfer courses from other institutions must be a “C-“ or higher.

    Transfer coursework will only be accepted from regionally accredited institutions.

B.S. in Gerontology: 

Up to 64 credits can be applied from regionally accredited two-year institutions.

Up to 12 credits of military training can be applied to the degree. 

Unacceptable Credits

Gerontology coursework from UNO, UNL and other institutions that is over 10 years old will be reviewed on an individual basis.  Depending on current course content and updated research, older courses may not be applicable to the program. 

Credit from technical programs such as Certificate Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Medical Assistant (MA) do not apply to Gerontology programs.  Clinical hours from Nursing programs (RN, BSN & LPN) do not apply.  Students with these types of transfer credit should consider the Gerontology concentration in the Division of Continuing Studies as an alternative.

Dean’s List – See University and College policies           

Honors - See University and College policies

Quality of Work

All Programs:

             A 2.50 GPA is required for admission to any program.                       

B.S. in Gerontology:  

All Gerontology coursework must be completed with a “C-“ or higher.  CR/NC is not accepted.

Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA to be in good academic standing with the University. 

Certificate in Gerontology:

All Gerontology courses must be completed with a “C” (2.0 GPA) average.  CR/NC is not accepted.

Minor in Gerontology:

All Gerontology courses must be completed with a “C” (2.0 GPA) average.  CR/NC is not accepted.


Completion of Incomplete Grade - By the end of the following semester.


Repeating Courses- Allowed with no limit.


Grade Appeal Policy- See College policy.


Probation/Suspension- See University policy.


Academic Amnesty- N/A


Academic Advising Academic advising is provided for all students. To contact an advisor,visit CPACS 211, email or call (402) 554-2272.

Senior Check- N/A       

Application for Degree- Must apply online through Registrar’s office.